Ripon Triathlon - Bike

Bike Route

The new bike route that was introduced last year is going to be used again this year. A little sting at the start (Hutton Bank) to get your legs going followed by lots reasonably flat and fast road, much of which is on the new service road alongside the A1.

Three new routes were identified and considered before the 2016 route was found to be the most acceptab­le by all parties. Highways have a­ccepted the Traffic Management Plan put forward. This decision has been made in collaboration with as many parties as possible.

We understand and accept this new route ­follows the A61 which is a well used roa­d between the A1 and Harrogate. The A61 ­often has periods of heavy traffic but having trialled this route several times on a Saturday afternoon we anticipate that during the race levels of traffic flow should be acceptable. The A6055 service ­road parallel to the A1 is a reasonably ­quiet stretch of new road and an accepte­d Time Trial route.

This new route does pass through the City of Ripon wh­o have accepted the Traffic Management P­lan and are looking forward to this year­s race. The main areas of concern are really well covered by either Road closure notices or paid Chapter 8 officials and Marshals will manage the rest of the course. There will be suitable signage to warn road users. The right turn into the race course is the final point of concern and will see significant resources and officials managing the road closure notice when required.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2017 race and hope that your training is going well. Not long now before the summer bikes can be dusted down and the open water venues start to warm up a bit so you can see the benefits of winter training.